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North Kellyville

Kidsville Family Day Care

My name is Jane and I am a registered educator with CASS Family Day Care Scheme. Currently I am a mother of 3 children, FDC educator and volunteer at my local church with children’s ministry.

I always had passion for children and their wellbeing since I was in early 20s. Through many of my volunteer activities in many countries and areas in Australia, I have realised how important it is to guide and help children with positive attitudes and values. And these things can be achieved simply through exposing children to these environments.

Families and educator can work together to create these environment for children and this will form a small community for children to feel secure and loved. And I strongly believe that this will have positive impacts on every child.

As an educator, I value these children’s everyday and respect them as an individual. It is very rewarding role, and thankful that I am part of their journey.


Hours of Operation : Monday to Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Location : North Kellyville, NSW

Instagram : Kidsville FDC

Video of Kidsville FDC

Kidsville FDC

Kidsville FDC

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